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Not receiving verification email

Jen Cooper 5 years ago • updated by george 5 years ago 1
I tried signing up last week using my Facebook account but never received a verification email (checked junk folder). I tried signing up again today using my email address and still haven't received a verification email (different email address from Facebook, checked junk folder).  I attempted to login without verifying but of course it told me I need to verify first and it sent another email (which I didn't receive). :(
Hi Jen,

I see the account you created under the same email as you declared in userecho.
I also see three verification emails going out and our mail servers state that they delivered them upstream with no errors.  Since you did not receive them and they are not in your junk folder, then they must be lost somewhere along the way.

One thing you may try is to place the swapdom.com domain or the email address swap@swapdom.com in your white list.

It is tempting for me to send you the verification email from my personal account, but if you cannot receive the automated emails of the system, then you will not get the announcements of swaps we find for you or the communications other swappers may send you.

Let me know how it goes.

Not a bug