I can't delete items I've uploaded. Help?

Kacey Lyn Deamer 4 years ago • updated by george 4 years ago 4
There are a few items I had to offer that I've since swapped with some friends in-person. But now I can't take them down from the site. It simply says I haven't finished editing them, and when I select delete it just goes back to saying the item needs to be edited. Super frustrated, as this has been a persistent issue for a while now.
Under review
Hi Kacey,

Are you referring to the "Urban Outfitters high-waisted yellow shorts"?
Would you like me to try to delete that and see what is going wrong?

Yes, I am. If you could that'd be super helpful. The others I finally got down but that one simply won't budge.
Right.  Found out what the issue is.  This is an item which was involved in a swap that timed out, but you had made the payment authorization for it, (which was revoked when the swap timed out).  As there is a financial transaction involved, the item will not be deleted physically to preserve the records of events.  It is turned to edit incomplete so that it is not accessible by other swappers and you cannot offer it in your swaps.

Eventually there is a process for getting rid of these once six months pass since the latest payment authorization of the item.

Sorry about the confusion.