free shipping coupon not working

littleoctopode 5 years ago • updated by george 5 years ago 3
I'm in the process of trying to approve my first swap (which, for some reason, changed items over the course of the day) but the free shipping coupon will not apply to the price when I select it, no matter what payment option I choose. It stays at $12.
Hi there,
Congrats on your swap!

I can approve it for you but if you but I would appreciate it if you have the time to give me a bit more feedback so we could pinpoint what the issue is.  Can you tell me where in the following process things go wrong?  What is supposed to happen is this:

Once you select the coupon in the relevant list box of the "step 2: Delivery", the button on the top right changes from "Next" to "Recalculate".  When you click "Recalculate" the shipping cost on the lower right changes to "Free of Charge" and the button changes to "Next" again.  Once you click it you get to the "Review" page to finish the approval.
On the changing of items, I think what you remember is the previous swap located on Jan. 2nd.  A person rejected that swap and Swapdom found an alternate swap for you.  You may view the rejected swap if you go to "My Swaps", click on "Show filters" and select "Past Swaps".

Hi Elen,

Would you prefer that we approve the swap for you?

Hi all, I'm so sorry, the storm knocked out my internet for a bit. Anyway the issue is that when I select the coupon and click "Recalculate," the price remains the same, and proceeds to try and charge me for it. If approving the swap for me is the best way to solve it, that's fine.