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Can you make it so people can't delete items that have been swapped?

Karen Pemberton 4 years ago • updated by george 4 years ago 3
I have been in 13 or 14 swaps now, but only 3 show up in my list because most of the people come back and immediately delete the item so they can't be rated. While I would have given some people a good review there are also quite a few I would have given a bad review. Being able to review people is helpful and needed like this. I am really frustrated with sending out mostly brand new items with tags on it for peoples dirty laundry and items that are not as in good of shape as described. If I see that other people have rated a swapper bad, I will then know not to request their items. I know I can't be the only one having this experience.
Under review
Karen, you are absolutely right on the importance of rating. A person engaged in a swap cannot avoid being rated, because those involved in the swap have access to the swap screen and may give their rating. You may find your past swaps from the "My Swaps" screen if you select 'past swaps' from the "Status" list box. Click on the magnifying glass on the left and you will have access to the Swap screen.

You are also correct that the swapped items "disappear" as soon as they are swapped: that is so that other folk will not request them.

Thanks for taking the time to rate the swappers involved in your swaps.
I did not realize there was a separate place for them. How come some of the swaps disappear and some don't from the see all swaps list? I thought it was people who were deleting them
I guess that means that is one vote that our interface is inadequate on that score. That is good feedback. The intention was that past swaps should not clutter the My Swaps area where one works with their active swaps.

The swaps go to past swaps once all the deliveries are complete. These three swaps have issues with their delivery for one or more swappers. It is usually a case of the Delivery details from USPS not reaching us, or of people not using the prepaid mailing label that leaves us the task of manually having to resolve these.