My photos wont upload, what do I do?

Julie Geiselman 5 jaar geleden • bijgewerkt door george 5 jaar geleden 6
Hi Julie,

I am sorry you have trouble uploading your pictures.
Let me check your account, see what our logs are saying and get back to you. 

Hi Julie,

Sorry for the delay.  Looks like you are working with the Internet Explorer 11  browser. Can you try with Firefox or Chrome please?

I don't have either one of those and I can't download them. I have Microsoft Surface tablet so I can't download anything unless it's in the Microsoft Store. Is there any other way?
Hm... Can you access Swapdom from another device?  If you do not have access to another computer,
you may want to wait for our Mobile App which should become available within a month.

I may have to unsubscribe. I'll try to get to another computer but I don't know when that'll be and I don't have the internet on my phone so I can't do that either. Thank you for the help.