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Badge Prizes

Jenna B 5 років тому • оновлено george 5 років тому 4
It's been about a week since I received the badge for uploading 20 items. I then got an email that said I won a $25 Amazon gift card, but haven't received anything since. Is the gift card being sent in the mail or via email?
Under review
Hi Jenna,

It is going to be sent electronically, but one batch has been delayed.  Apologies for this.
Please give me your username or email you have on Swapdom and I can verify 1) the gift that should be coming your way, 2) that you are included in the batch that has been delayed.


My email is jrb11010@yahoo.com. Thanks for looking into this, I really appreciate it!
Hey there Jenna!
You should have received your gift on the 25th of April.
Could you check?
Many thanks!