Jennifer Schroeder 5 years ago • updated by george 5 years ago 1

Received a message that there are two swap offers. I can see them but can't click on them and review them. This is my first swap on this site so maybe I'm doing something wrong.

Hi Jennifer,
I cannot locate your username based on your first/last name so I am assuming that you refer to the email saying that "your items have been requested". If I am wrong in this apologies; give me more info and I can help.

So your items are requested by others. Congrats! This is the first step towards achieving a swap.

In the "My Items" screen, where you see all the items you uploaded, the ones with a little flame icon under the picture are those that have been requested.
You are correct in that you cannot see who requested them. In Swapdom you simply do not care, as you will probably exchange in a loop of people where each gives their item to the next person in the loop.

All you need to do is "Start a swap", and you will be guided through a three step process. In the first step, you look for items that you would like, regardless of who their owner is, and request them in your swap. In the second step of this process you enter the items you offer in exchange. It is there that you can offer as many of your items as you want--only one of them will go. In the third step you can review and submit your swap.

Once you submit your swap, Swapdom will look for ways to locate a suitable loop of people to make the swap possible.
Let me know if you need more info.