I would like to see a seperate section for plus size fashion

Karen Pemberton 5 years ago • updated by george 5 years ago 4
It would make it a lot easier to find what I am interested in if plus sizes were in a separate section.
Hi Karen,

Thanks for joining and for taking time to give feedback.

We are monitoring feadback and site usage to assess whether opening up separate sections is a feature that will be implemented. 

Meantime... (apologies if you have figured this one out already)

you may filter results by size, if you select a category that "carries" size in your searches.  For instance picking Fashion/Women/Apparel will open up the size filter.  So will selecting Fashion/Women/shoes.  Other categories, such as Fashion/Women/Accessories are not associated with size filters.  Neither is searching with keywords across categories.  (i.e. typing "Dresses" in the search field will not open up the size filter; selecting the category "Fashion/Women/Apparel/Dresses" will.)

Thanks again for you input

It would indeed be nice to see a separate section for plus size fashion as there are a wide range of stylish plus size clothes that are available. These include jackets, skirts, denims, cute dresses and much more and these will be easier to find if they are in a different section.
Thanks for giving us feedback.Do note that when you search by category and go low enough for a "size" to have meaning, such as "Fashion/Women/Apparel", you get a size filter. 
As the suggested  feature is Fashion-specific and  the service is more general in scope we have not implement this as a separate section.  But we appreciate and do note the votes.