What happens if the person doesn't ship my item?

Jenna B 4 years ago • updated by george 4 years ago 14
The swap was approved and shipping labels were created on June 5th. I've even messaged the person to see if they are planning to ship it soon and haven't received a response. I just want to make sure the item gets here before I move at the end of this month!
Under review
Hi Jenna,

I see that you have messaged the swapper about this already on the 12th.
Let us contact the swapper as well.  I'll keep you posted.
Hi Jenna,

I am afraid that with the prepaid shipping label she cannot change the address.  Hope it gets there on time.
That's alright, it should still get here before I am gone. Thanks for looking into it!
So it's been a week and my item still hasn't been shipped. I'm trying to be patient, but it's been nearly a month since the swap started!
Your are exhibiting a lot of patience. I thought our messages on the 18th had sprang that swapper into action. I will catch her on the phone as soon as it gets morning on the East Coast, and report back to you.

Jenna, just as an update, the swapper has not yet responded.  If it is ok with you, let us give her till Monday.  I will contact you by Monday night to move this forward either way.

Any updates? I'm ready for this ordeal to be over!
Hi Jenna,

Yes, it is time. I am giving up on her and she is banned from Swapdom for the protection of our swappers..
In cases like this we do refund the postage paid. In this swap, where you have made use of a free shipping coupon, what we have done is issue two free shipping coupons to your account--the extra one for your patience in dealing with this.

Once again please accept my apologies on this.  There are always the few who will spoil a good experience.

Let me know what else I can do.


Thank you! You've been very helpful in taking care of this. I look forward to moving on and finding some more swaps!
Wish we could do more for you.

Happy swapping
One more question- is there a way to delete that swap or to re-open it? 
The swap will go to your past swaps in a few days.  As eleven out of the twelve items did find a new home, we cannot re-open it. It is part of the swappers' history.