All of the photos that I take vertically on my phone will not upload properly...

Alyssa Gamlin 5 years ago • updated by ted 5 years ago 1
All of the photos that I upload are showing up horizontally and are much harder to see. Will there be a rotate photo option coming in the future?
Hi Alyssa,

Thanks for joining Swapdom!

This is actually a common issue of "too much intelligence"! Cameras (and phones) always take pictures in landscape mode. However some phone cameras (like iPhone) have the intelligence to know how your phone was oriented when you took your picture. When you view it in iPhoto or similar applications, the software remembers how the camera was oriented at picture time and rotates the image if necessary so that it appears upright.

But when that picture is sent over the web, the information on how to rotate the picture for it to appear upright is lost.

The way around this is as follows:

Upload your pictures to your computer and place them somewhere convenient ( ie. on your Desktop, not inside iPhoto!). Then open each picture that needs rotation with the preview application (just double click on the picture) and use the rotation button to rotate the picture properly. Then you are ready to upload them on Swapdom.

Let me know if I can be of further help.

PS. Our upcoming phone app is going to address this issue. Thanks for your patience!