My pictures will not upload.

Jaclyn Rose Beissel 5 years ago • updated by george 5 years ago 1
I have tried several times to upload my pictures but every time it says that there is an error. 
Hi Jaclyn,

Thanks for joining.

I see that you uploaded one picture for your first item.  So you are doing things right.
But I do see error messages in image uploads and a failed attempt to connect to instagram.
Here goes:
1) Seems like you are using a Windows machine, but I cannot recognize the browser. Which one are you using?  We are tested for the latest versions of Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera.
2) Try to avoid hitting the "back" button of the browser during the upload process.  That may cause the kind of error messages you encountered.
3) If you do encounter an error, close the item's popup  and start again.

Finally, I noticed that the picture you uploaded is sideways.  Some smartphones and supporting image handling s/w keep track of how you were holding the camera when you took the picture and rotate it for you when they display it.  But if you send the picture elsewhere, it is displayed as it actually is.  If you would like it upright, place it in your desktop first (or somewhere where you do not use special s/w to view it.)  If it is sideways, then rotate it in the windows  previewer and then upload it.

Let me know how it goes.