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Waiting and waiting...

Christiana Hills 4 years ago • updated by george 4 years ago 1
I put a swap several months ago, and nothing has happened. I made sure to add all of my 30+ items and picked 7 different items I'd like to swap for. Is there anything I can do? I feel like at this point all my items are old and so people won't see them if they're interested. Have you thought of anything the site can do for a situation like this? Something to do with inactive users? Is there a way we can "refresh" our items so that they don't get "buried" if we're using the site actively?
Under review
There are several items that you have that are marked with the "little flames" in "My items". This means that people have expressed an interest in them.  I trust that these are among those offered in your submitted swap.
What you can do to better the chances is log in from time to time and see if any newer items are of interest to you and add them to this or to another swap.